Our Ministries

At Hear The Word Bible Church, ministries are a vibrant and growing cornerstone where people come together to build relationships, grow in their Christian walk, encourage one another, and in the process exercise their gifts to bring glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We invite members to explore our church ministries below as they are here to promote fellowship, encouragement, reinforce each other’s Christian ministry and help individuals grow in their faith.

Our ministries are a necessary component of driving the five purposes of our church: worship, fellowship, evangelism, discipleship and service.  We pray that you will be led by the Lord to use your God-given gifts in one (or more) of our ministries!

ANNIVERSARY MINISTRY –   Plan and implement the annual anniversary of Hear The Word Bible Church on the first weekend in August.  Ministry members plan and organize church fellowship activities in order to honor the legacy of our amazing church and founder.

AUDIO/VISUAL MINISTRY – Design and effectively enhance the proclamation of the preached Word and the worship of God through the use of sound and video technology conveying God’s message.

DANCE MINISTRY “Graceful Praise” –  Use the spiritual gift of dance to glorify, worship, praise and edify the body of Christ.  To use the art of dance as an evangelistic tool to win souls to Christ within our community.

DEACONS – Serve faithfully and effectively in the church.  To be worthy of respect, not double-tongued, but sincere.  To serve the church by the example of our character, as well as by our deeds, knowing that our effectiveness is determined by the measure of our commitment and faithfulness.

DEACONESS – Serve faithfully and effectively in the church.  To be worthy of respect, not slanderous, faithful in all things.  To serve the church by the example of our character, as well as by our deeds, knowing that our effectiveness is determined by the measure of our commitment and faithfulness.

DEAF & HARD OF HEARING MINISTRY “Hands 4 Him” –  Provide American Sign Language (ASL) for the deaf community to ensure they have access to the Word of God throughout the church, sermon, praise and worship.

DISCIPLESHIP ACADEMY MINISTRY – Give priority to the study and teaching of the Holy Scripture. Our goal is to have students develop a comprehensive systematic approach to the study of Scripture to combat the biblical illiteracy of our age and to equip every person to handle accurately the Word of God.  To encourage and reiterate 2 Timothy 2:15.

EMPLOYMENT MINISTRY “Seek & Find” – Provide a caring, spiritual, and supportive environment that is geared towards helping others gain employment and computer skills as quickly as possible.

EVANGELISM MINISTRY “Go Fish” – Become a proactive people in our local area and abroad in reaching the hurting, the lost and the unloved by teaching them and being a Christ-like model of faith to fulfill Acts 1:8.

FAMILY MINISTRY “Together Arms Giving” – Encourage, support and serve families in the spirit of excellence.  We welcome you to the family and look forward to sharing and showing the love of Jesus Christ.

FEED THE 5000 – Assist, minister, serve, feed, clothe, help and comfort the homeless, lost and disenfranchised.  To become the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.

GROUNDBREAKERS MISSION MINISTRY – Breaking barriers abroad by reaching the hurting and lost. To become effectively and personally involved in educating and empowering in the spirit of excellence.

HOSPITALITY MINISTRY – Provide spiritual care to those in need, a loving atmosphere for guest and members, organize and manage food services for church events, and to provide service to the Pastor and his family.

MARKETING MINISTRY – Promote the organization and minister globally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to any individual in need no matter where they live in the world.

MARRIAGE MINISTRY “It Takes Two” – Promote and encourage unity between the husband and wife and to set standards for every couple acknowledged as members of the body of Christ. The ministry also promotes intimacy and solidarity in the marital relationship through training and sharing of experiences.

MEN’S MINISTRY “Men at Work” – Encourage self-respect and develop poise in our men, teaching them to become leaders in the home and in the church.  To equip and empower men to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually into fully developing followers of Christ through the work of the Holy Spirit.  To motivate and inspire men to become involved in their local church.

MINISTERS – Assist the Pastor, to display leadership and support church members.

MUSIC MINISTRY – Preach the gospel message through music.  Our reasonable service is to lift up the name of Jesus, encourage, nurture and inspire the congregation through true worship and praise.

NEW MEMBERS MINISTRY – Provide the benefit of interaction between new members.  To help them acclimate into the church community and to give them an overview and understanding of the church’s mission, vision and values.

NURSING & WELLNESS MINISTRY – Watch over the health and wellness of our church.  Each week these nurses and other health care providers are available to assist members in need and organize special events to focus and raise awareness to health issues threatening our community.

PASTOR’S AID MINISTRY – Provide supplementary support to the Pastor and to serve as caretakers. To show appreciation to the Pastor for his leadership and spiritual guidance in the Church. To provide support and service to the Pastor within the church with encouraging words, prayers and other actions of love.

PRISON MINISTRY – Provide encouraging worship services for those who are currently incarcerated.  Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them, and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body.  Hebrews 13:3

SECURITY MINISTRY – Provide a safe environment for the entire church campus.  These watchmen are charged with protecting, directing and overseeing the operation of church security.

SENIOR’S MINISTRY “Wisdom Walkers” – Assist the Pastor in making sure all seasoned saints as well as senior visitors, feel welcome and involved in the growing of the church.  This ministry targets all saints 65 years and older.

SINGLES MINISTRY “SoleMate” – Unite the singles together with a central focus on spiritual growth in Christ and to grow spiritually in healthy relationships.

TRANSPORTATION MINISTRY – Provide transportation to and from church for the members and the community.  This ministry provides transportation for the choirs and auxiliaries when they travel to other churches or if there is a special trip.

TRUSTEE MINISTRY – Manage the material possessions and oversee the financial matters of the church with spiritual sensitivity.

USHER MINISTRY – Lovingly welcome members and visitors to the church.  To receive our members and visitors with open arms and assist in the order of the church.

WOMEN’S MINISTRY “Heart To Heart” – Encourage women in the body of Christ, in our community, and throughout the world, to victoriously face the challenges of life.  This ministry is designed to meet the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of women as they are transformed by the Holy Spirit into women after God’s own heart.

YOUTH MINISTRY “Kids for Christ” (KFC) – See that every youth has an opportunity to make an informed decision to become a follower of Jesus Christ and to become a part of the church.  Because the needs and longings of young people are unique to their time, place, and life experiences, we seek to share the good news of Jesus Christ in a way that is relevant to them.  To help the youth develop attitudes and behavior patterns that allows them to function more constructively in society.